Progressive MS–the pits!

Heck! Don’t laugh…I could not find the darn LOGIN page here! I got to it finally in a roundabout way.

I got the lift chair. It’s great although still a little too big for me, therefore when it reclines, my rump is not all the way back into the seat, and then I’m uncomfortable…

Next option: spend a ton more money on a custom built chair. I hate this.

I should have moved to Japan. I think things would fit me there.

The edema got to be a very serious problem.I developed venous stasis ulcers. Ick. I had to go to a hospital to get treatment, because my regular doctor was freaked out by it and sent me there. It turned out I was right-it WAS venous stasis ulcers. They are healing now but I have to wrap my legs everyday with ace bandages to keep the swelling down. For the rest of my life. Oh well. It’s not like I was planning to hit the beach or something anyway..

Man, this blog is depressing. I guess it’s okay.Nobody is reading it.


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